Pollination 100 Flowers and Optimistic Ideas PUGG Pollination 100 Flowers and Optimistic Ideas PUGG Pollination 100 Flowers and Optimistic Ideas PUGG Pollination 100 Flowers and Optimistic Ideas PUGG Pollination 100 Flowers and Optimistic Ideas PUGG Pollination 100 Flowers and Optimistic Ideas PUGG Pollination 100 Flowers and Optimistic Ideas PUGG Pollination 100 Flowers and Optimistic Ideas PUGG Pollination 100 Flowers and Optimistic Ideas PUGG Pollination 100 Flowers and Optimistic Ideas PUGG Pollination 100 Flowers and Optimistic Ideas PUGG Pollination 100 Flowers and Optimistic Ideas PUGG


100 Flowers & Optimistic ideas by 100 students

October 27- Dec 2, 2016

The flowers are part of the Happy Spots project conceived to brighten the Midtown Broadway corridor.

The front side of the spots feature flowers created by KHS students using International Optimist Yellow (INT-O Yellow). The color was created in collaboration with Pantone, UMEWE and artist, Uncle Riley, with the shared intention of spreading optimism as well as to bring awareness to Depression and suicide prevention. On the reverse side, students have written their ideas for how to make midtown Kingston a brighter place (their ideas will also be shared with the mayors office).

The Happy Spot flowers will first appear at the (P)optimism Shoppe (622 Broadway, Kingston, NY) and will then be placed in a surprise location somewhere in midtown Kingston this winter to inspire the neighborhood.

The Pop-Up Gallery Group (PUGG) is a work-based program created with the intention of teaching gallery management to a small group of students. PUGG is collabration with Uncle Riley on “Pollination” in efforts to expose students to the positive social art movement outside of school walls and to see what happens when we turn Optimism into Action.

Other works by local professional artists will also be on display, including Boogie Rez, Eugene Stetz, ‘I am 2nd’ (aka Joseph Lalima), Tyler Borchert, Dan Green and more.


I would love to see more artwork or art pieces around Kingston
More oral lled parks
Hello, I like more colorful town with more public art and more events like festivals together with this community
Dear Mayor I think we should have more people pick up garbage on the side of the road and more owers planted
I think kingston would be better with more artwork
Plant more trees
I think Kingston should clean up the high school
Make Kingston more colorful
I think there should be more nature and more trees
Plants more pretty bushes around the stores and certain buildings
There should be more programs for kids and we should have more artwork around the town
I think we could use a really big cleanup this town Kingston is really dirty
I wish for the area around the high school to be more naturist and natural
I want trees on Broadway please
Plant a garden
Kingston at home pride we should clean it up and reformed our streets like here on Broadway the community should clean up the litter on the streets or help Lucas Avenue get sidewalks on certain parts of the road Clean Kingston up make better parks for kids Prevent littering in Dietz stadium
I would love more trees

More parks and gardens
To keep Kingston’s history
Cleaner schools and streets
I'd like to see more trees and owers planted
I think we should make Kingston a more eco-friendly environment
Clean the trash
I would like it if there were more trees and plants around
Have respect for older architecture
I think the street should be kept cleaner
More artwork on buildings that look plain
I'd like to see trash be cleaned up and to keep the environment clean I would love for all the trash to be picked up
I would like to see more owers and plants around Kingston
I would like to see old buildings and buildings falling apart replaced
Have their be more plants to be planted to make Kingston more beautiful like owers trees and etc.
I think Kingston would be better if the streets and houses were nicer and the streets to be less polluted


More hiking walking trails

More community art programs

I thinking you should have more community events to bring our city together

Bring more free activity events to Kingston

More activities outside of high school

I think we should get more open space in more activities for teens

More community events the purpose to get together and be getting to know each other like block parties

More activities for teens

They should be more cleaner and entertaining places for people to go

More activities to do for young people

Host more student events

A skate park

Public community building events so less people see "bad" neighborhoods instead of "different" [neighborhoods]
I think there should be more entertainment

More interest in soccer
More student events

There should be more entertainment in Kingston
Have more hang out for teens


I like to see more out of school education programs for real life education

There should be more job offers

There should be more places that kids and teenagers can go to have fun after school or on the weekends
To have more work for teens under 16

One thing that we could change about Kingston is better support of the small local stores that we have


Free Wi-Fi everywhere

Clean up the shops especially the storefronts and have more practical stores
Kingston need something similar to Central Park

Fix the sidewalks

I think Kingston would be better if the roads are less terrible

A bus that goes from the high school to the library

Better law-enforcement

Free transportation to school by a city bus for walkers
Cleaning up the old buildings and xing what's broken make the town seem like a cleaner and brighter place
Fix the crime problem around the high school
Fix the Miller soccer eld Community vegetable garden
I think kingston would be better with better and wider Road so cars can pass park cars easier and people are safer away from the traffic
I think there should be smoother streets without a lot of potholes
Transportation for people who walk to school
Easy transportation throughout the city
I think we can Kingston a more people friendly place (sidewalks, places to visit, maybe bike lanes) will make Kingston a better place
I think that Kingston would be a better place for me if there were more Constant 24 seven free public
transportation as a minor I cannot drive and my parents usually have work concentrates potation would make my life much easier
Improve transportation for students


In Kingston we have so many things but we’re also missing stuff like love and hope also kindness all around, we all need love so we can spread the love. so many things could would change, for example, walking someone across the street, volunteering, saying “oh hey how are you today?”, being kind can go along way. We can be the change that lets people of all ages feel welcome. Decreasing the percentage of depression and suicide could spread across the nation, state, country and soon the entire world.
Something that I believe would make Kingston better is improvement on youth mental health care specifcally in age segregated psychiatric ward at Kingston hospital it is harder to seek help when you fear the environment that is supposed to help on the non-serious note we need a quality sushi establishment on Broadway
Make peace

Stop cyber bullying

Free food

Kingston would be better if people own up to their mistakes

Unisex bathrooms at the high school for people who identify as A gender different from their assigned sex at birth
More fresh fruit in school lunches

Better school food and drinks

Unisex bathrooms so that transgender people feel more excepted and comfortable at school

Make school lunch better
Mayor, one thing I would like to see improved in Kingston is our School district health program it would be nice to have a program that actually makes kids take an interest in their help in an enjoyable manner rather than driving a class you have to take I would also like for there to be an area in Kingston like what the Berlin wall has become we’re gra ti artists or other kinds of artist can come and make something on the space it would be interactive and constantly live in changing our city could use something like that